Williamson AC

Need help, age and tonage of a Williamsom AC, sn/ 6936613, assembly# 7420-25-2028.
Also, have a Becket oil furnace, sn/AN132M2691 7008, MN/UOBC084QAEA


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Williamson was sold to, and manufactured by, several different companies over the years. Each time the age code changed.

If it is a large, slanted, green colored unit it was probably manufactured in the 1970’s. That would correspond to that particular model (assembly) number series. They used a xxxx-xx-xxxx sequence back then.

If the unit is light blue and square it would more likely date in the late '80’s.

Other than that it’s going to difficult to determine the age.

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Jae here is a pic


The original post said “Williamson AC”.

I know I’m old and all, but that sure do look like a furnace to me.

No information but it appears to be about late 70’s to mid 80’s.

If you can see the heat exchanger and it is round with a single burner, it’s older.

If it has a sectionalized exchanger with multiple burners, it may be newer but still at least 20 years old.

My information indicates that the first one is from 1969, and the second one is from 1991. I could be wrong. I don’t have a lot of information on those two brands. Always looking for more.

Jae look at the sticker on the door looks to new to be twenty years old:)

Sorry, you are referring to the AC not the furnace, wrong pic. Do not have a good pic of AC.

Did find a pic.


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Do you have any info as to the capacity of the AC unit by chance?

The only info I have is from memory. There never was much info about Williamson, even when they were fairly successful.

That looks to be a somewhat newer model. RR’s 1991 seems fine–17 years old.

Capacity, from the model #, appears to be 3 tons…maybe…I think.