winchester furnace not working

hello. we have a 4 year old winchester furnace that just tonight, stopped working. i noticed it was a little cold round here so when i realized the heat shouldve been running and wasnt, i checked the furnace. its showing a code of 3 red flashes, which the manual says could be a faulty inducer, blocked vent pipe, broken pressure switch hose or faulty pressure switch.

the furnace has power, but when it should kick on, it does absolutely nothing. no clicking or fans making noise, just quiet. the green(normal) light stays on until i try to get heat, then it flashes the code. the digital thermostat says it should be heating as well.

i dont know too much about HVAC, but my first approach was to turn the breaker off for about a minute and that didnt do anything. among things i have found on the internet, i pulled the pressure switch hose off and sucked air in, and i did hear the pressure switch clicking. not really sure whats supposed to happen to be honest. i also checked a 3 amp fuse and that was fine. checked the exhaust vent and it was fine as well.

im at a loss on where else to go with this. anybody got any advice for this idiot? the old lady is scheduled to be home soon and shes not the type that likes it chilly in the house, lol. its supposed to be spring, but its been damn chilly around these parts. anyway, i look forward to some replies if anybody has some info. thanks.

Often, I have seen it be the inducer fan but a qualified technician would get your heat on, for your loved one, the quickest probably.

Your inducer fan should come on immediately when ever the Stat calls for heat if not nothing else will activate. When ever you turn the breaker off you are resetting the control panel but if the fan does not start you are dead in the water. How many dogs in the house probably not going to get it repaired tonight

is there any reason why the inducer fan would go belly up on what i would consider a fairly new unit? hopefully its not too bad of a fix.

my buddy is qualified to take a look at it, as he did install it for us. but apparently hes got bigger fish to fry at the moment, which is totally understandable. im hoping he will make it today. hey, at least its not january…:mrgreen:

as for my other occupants here, i have 3 dogs who dont mind being outside when its 10 degrees, but when its 58 degrees in the house, they seem to have an issue with that. theres also the wife that im going to have to cuddle with, not that thats a big deal…:wink:

is there a possibility that 4 years worth of dog hair has somehow made its way into the furnace and messed things up? these mutts are major shedders. again guys, thanks for reading up on my issue. much appreciation.

Dogs & cats should not be a problem.

Have you considered a bad thermostat?

When you adjusting the temperature, you should here the click sound from Thermostat: it tried to start the furnace & blower.

My reference to your dogs was intended that you might have to use them to stay warm Ya know the old say its a three dog night. Don’t know what your buddy’s qualifications are but some times that can be the problem in and of itself. Yes it would be premature for the inducer fan to fail but it surely can happen could also be in the control board itself. If it turns real cold and your buddy is a no show might consider the 4th dog

turns out the purge motor went bad. should be an easy enough fix as soon as the part arrives. thanks again for the support.