Is this thing working?

I have been gathering thermal scans of HVAC equipment for a while. I came across this one the other day that made me stop and take a look at little closer.

The homeowner was waiting for the HVAC guy to check all of here 3 units.

I see a lot of thermal pictures of HVAC equipment on the Internet.

I thought it would throw this one out there for general discussion as a lot of HVAC equipment is being evaluated with thermal cameras.

Anyone take any courses specifically for HVAC/thermal inspection?

Well going out on a limb i would say yes. I am going with the temperatures is this new unit David?

No it is not new.

Here is the off cycle scan if it’s worth anything.
That’s what got me looking.

What in world would do that Blockage? Possible bad valves?

I went looking for blockage!

I didn’t find any.

Are they going to let you know what they find?

Any units out there with two seperate sections of coil controlled with valves?