Wind Mit Referral payout

Has anyone been asked by a Insuranse company to recieve a Referral cut of thier inspections. I was asked today if I want to continue in recieving inspection from thier company. I would have to give the a 15 to 20 dollar cut for each inspection.
Is this the way we have to do business now to keep getting work?

Here is the e-mail I got

Hello Mr. Hanson,

We have not personally met but I understand our office sends you referrals and you have done an excellent job taking care of the customers for us. I do thank you. I am sending you this email in regards to a few other inspection companies have tried to recruit us to send them business and we have not done so to this point. We are being offered to be compensated for referrals and I am going to take their offer but I did want to let you have first option if you would like to continue to receive referrals from us. The other companies want to offer us between $15 and $20 for each referral we send them. If you would like to match the other inspection company on the low end of $15 per referral we send you then we will continue to send you our wind mits. Please let me know as soon as possible as we have 3 to send you right now.

I do want to thank you again for your prompt service in handling our customers and look forward to hearing from you soon

Wow. I think this agent needs to take a class on Ethics. At the very least I would think it would fall under the rebating guidelines… for agents

According to them, you are doing an excellent job. This being the case, there will be plenty of agents that would gladly use you and expect no $$ in return. If you start giving kickbacks it will not end. Today it will be $15…tomorrow $20…then on and on and on. Thank them for their business, don’t burn bridges and see what happens in the long run. Maybe this new inspection company won’t be worth it to them even with the kickback. There are plenty of successful inspectors out there not giving kickbacks.

Aren’t insurance inspections great.

That has been a long time practice.

Hey senators and state representatives do it, why shouldn’t we?!

Just to be clear, that last message was a joke. Please do not start talking politics.

Burn the bridge, report them to the OIR.

There are only thousands more that can now do them now that will take them up on their offer.

I doubt there is anything illegal about it anyway.

Here is the reply I would send.

Dear Insurance Company,

Sure our inspection company would have no problem with this unethical way of doing business if we were guaranteed exclusive rights to all of your business and additionally we would like to be compensated a $40 fee on top of our current fees. We look forward to the added revenue and future business with your company.


I’m with Brian on this!
This is absurd! What a Jackwagon!

Freak him out and write him back and tell him that you would be happy to pay him if you can get the permission from the OIR that you are allowed to compensate him for him simply giving you names of people needing a wind mits.

You might as well kiss him goodbye. You know good and well he isn’t going to keep giving you referrals unless you agree to pay him, so burn the bridge!

There is a new guy doing $55 Wind Mits here in Hillsborough County, wonder what his profit is after a $25 kick-back? :roll:

It is so great that now everyone can do them. Congrats to us all.

$19.99 just around the corner :slight_smile:

Don Meyler has been doing this for years.

there 85 dollars now…gas prices you know

$55.00 to the inspector…$30.00 to the wce nice for the wce if you can get it