Earn an extra $150/inspection from Guardian for doing nearly nothing.


Do you have suggested language to put in our inspection contracts to notify clients that we are receiving a kickback for the referrals we give out?


That mentions nothing that we are receiving compensation for the referrals we provide third party service providers. Anyone have sample verbiage when you are being compensated for receiving a fee for giving client information out?

I would ask the client for permission in person and disclose what you gain if they go with ulitimately use Guardian.

In Oregon it is not legal to get money for referrals. Check your state regs.

It’s not ETHICAL anywhere. Our own COE states that we cannot pay to be on a realtors preferred provider list…no pay-to-play allowed!

Good advice.

In IL (grounds for discipline)

e) The licensee offers or accepts commissions or allowances, directly or indirectly, from other parties dealing with a client while providing a home inspection.

NG in NY

Some states don’t prohibit it.
Some states allow it because it is not a repair within SOP.
Some states allow it only if it is disclosed.
Some states don’t allow it at all.

In Puerto Rico it is not permitted.

I think it cheapens the inpsection when you try to sell something that has nothing do do with what we are inspecting.

What if you offered to give the rebate to your client?

It would have to be directly to them but,
THAT could add some value for the client. :smiley:

Hm. Good thinkin’. I bet I can arrange it. Give me 2 weeks and I’ll get 'er done.

Does anyone see a problem with this?