Wind Mitigation - Clarification Needed

Here are some questions I have now after looking at the form to make sure it is completed correctly. Please do me a favor and only respond if you are going to provide a constructive answer. No peanut gallery needed.

What sources are needed to “Back Up” the NOA for the material? Anyone can make it up.

  • Photo of Bundle of Shingles with NOA
  • Reciept for Material Purchase
  • Signed Letter from Licensed Roofer who did the Installation

Roof Geometry
If the roof is an “Other Roof” it appears no measurements are needed, correct? (Insurance Carriers may request more I know)
According to the form a Flat Roof is a Roof on a building with 5 or more units. So on a single family, a flat roof is part of the non-hip structures and the Flat roof answer does not apply?

  • Flat Roof answer only for buildings with 5+ units.
  • No Measurements for buildings that are clearly non-hip.
  • Measurements for all buildings are are close to non-hip or hip.
  • Measurements for all hip buildings.

For the record I am not turning to the forum to answer these questions but I do want to make sure EVERY NACHI member can correctly complete the wind mit form. Lets all look at these questions closely to make sure no matter which one of us do this inspection the answer is the SAME.

The wind mitigation is a mess! Read all the post it is sad! The SOP is a disaster just waiting to happen! Lawyers in Florida are going to have a field day with it! :shock:

I attach a copy of the Florida product approval and/or noa if I can find it- as well as a picture of a wrapper for bundle of shingles - if available and any other supporting documentation that I can shove down the underwriters throat.

As for measurements, I provide measurements and sketches for all structures that are not BLATANTLY OBVIOUS for the typical untrained underwriter. If the photos of the home CLEARLY show that it is a hip roof, I do not take measurements. If the photos show that it CLEARLY is a gable roof, I do not take measurements. If the home has a mixture of gables and hips- or “non hips”, then I take measurements and sketches.

This thread clearly demonstrates the need for Mandatory Standardized Training for ALL license holders authorized by FS 627.711 to complete the wind mitigation inspection AS WELL AS the underwriters reviewing the license holder’s work.
I find it offensive that the insurance industry underwriter is not REQUIRED to have the same wind mitigation training that we are required to have and that an underwriter reviewing my work and making decisions that can have a significant financial impact on the homeowner, the inspector, and the insurance industry likely has no fundamental understanding of building construction methods and materials and would not know the difference between an 8d ring shank nail and a staple if they sat on them.

I believe that we need to find a State Senator as well as a Representative to introduce an amendment to FS627.711 that requires mandatory standardized training for all license holders conducting wind mitigation inspections as well as ALL underwriters reviewing wind mitigation inspection reports.

This will be discussed at the chapter meeting this weekend in West Palm.

Well it appears as thought they dont require anything to back up the noa approval other than the product control number. I would imagine that if you have the number you would have some documentation for that number and just keep it on file if it is requested.
Why do more than they are asking for.

as far as the roof geometry goes it appears as though they are only concerned with measurements on a hipped roof, all others are C whether it is gable or flat.
Section B appears to only be interested in buildings with 5 units or more and on a single family home you would only be looking at A or C for your purposes.

Let me know if you think I am on the right track. Great questions that hopefully will be answered at our upcoming meeting

Great. Let me know how it goes.

John can we do a live webinar or something?

If that goes down I would like to know where and when as well.

Yes we can. Live questions and answers

Any chance of inviting the Dr. and York and anyone else teaching courses? The more opinions the better as far as I am concerned.

Do you think they would participate?

Because going above and beyond will make you look like a superstar, prevent future phone calls asking for clarification, and prove that you are the Expert.

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