Wind Mitigation - Hip or Non-Hip

Are you sure you measured it 100% correctly? I am not doubting you, but depending on how you measured it, your measurments could have been off. How did you measure the hip over the front door?

**If the county or counties that you work in have a web site for the property appraiser they will likely have a specific and accurate diagram which can be copied and pasted or viewed to determine the building perimeter. That is the wording on the newer form “building perimeter” NOT roof perimeter. Don’t you think that the insurance companies looked into all of this BS before they got on board with this new form. The photos show a non-hip structure based on your measurments. **

Allen - take Bill York’s class and you will see what I am talking about.

The form does say “building perimeter” and not roof perimeter. I would also point out that ARA who is the contractor that the OIR commisioned to recommend changes to the current 1802 form. ARA presented their recomendations at the Sept. 22nd OIR workshop. Among the multitude changes ARA recomended was to difine perimeter as being roof edge so that the measuements could be confirmed by aeriel photography.

For those interested in more info follow this link:
Then click on: WORK SHOPon Inspection Form for Wind Mitigation Discounts – September 22, 2010
The ARA form is the first on on the list.
Read through it they are making some interesting recomendations. If the form is difficult to follow or understand then click on the option to listen to the recording. The ARA presentation is at the beginning of the meeting.

Just thought I would add my two cents. You did not clarify how you measured the gable end. If the 27.7 feet was measured up the rake, or along the gable fascia, then it was measured incorrectly. The gable should be measured horizontally from end to end.

FYI, for those who may not know…
If you call it a hip roof on the form make sure you back it up with pictures of all 4 sides of the house.

Black and white as stated, numbers dont lie, regardless of what anyone else wrote up.
non hip if your numbers are correct.

I agree that its non hip if the numbers are correct, but i don’t think the numbers are correct. That looks like a 12’ garage door with 2’ of wall on each side plus 12" overhang - i get about 18’ for the measurement on the garage gable. then add about another 5’ to 6’ for the front entry gable for a total of 24’ — remember, gables are measured horizontally, not up the rake. If my numbers are correct, then it is a hip roof - I’m just saying

The front entry gable should not even count. It is a hip roof.