Other Roof Shape??

I did a wind mitigation this afternoon, I rarely get this type of roof shape. My mind is saying Hip, but I am not sure on how to measure this.

I attached a photo. The rake at the rear of the home is 13 feet on each side, which would be 26 feet counting both sides, if that is what I am spose to do.

I am unsure on this one, can someone walk me through how to properly measure this.

Please help,

Thanks Shawn

Hey Shawn, you have a clipped gable on either side. From the look of the photo, they would come out at more than 10% of the roof perimeter. therefore the roof would be other.

Do you have the elevation shots? From air it looks hip but I would have to see all sides to give my opinion. Where are the non hip features?

Here you go, The front of the home looks good, the back of the home appears to be throwing me off.

Measure the entire horizontal distance across the clipped gable and subtract the middle horizontal segment ----- what your left with is the non hip distance to be applied to the overall 10% rule,
From Gable/hip - InterNACHI Inspection Forum http://www.nachi.org/forum/f73/gable-hip-95668/#ixzz3nHJ16S2n

According the Dennis Q, I added each side which came to 47 feet on both sides. The clipped part was 17 feet.

47-17= 30 feet X 2 = 60Ft which would need 600ft of roof perimeter. So I believe this would be Non-Hip,

Somebody correct me if I am wrong.

From what I see, I say non hip only based on my own visual experience.