Wind Mitigation Reinspection Solution

Now that the Citizens reinspection contract is under litigation I propose a new solution which would place the wind mitigation reinspections back into the hands of independent licensed home inspectors thus bypassing the need for bid-contractor oversight.

  • Allow insurance companies to revoke the old 2-page wind mitigation form prior to renewal, forcing all homeowner’s to get reinspected under the new 1802 form.
  • Set the price for this reinspection at $100 which would be paid for by the homeowner to the inspector at the time of inspection, and reimbursed to the homeowner by the insurance company when the new 1802 form is submitted.

The inspection would be contingent on the following criteria:

  1. Licensed inspectors would have to be certified by Bill York or a training similar to Bill York’s.
  2. The reinspection could not be performed by the original inspector who performed the first inspection.

Doing this would be a win-win for everyone except those who were intent on getting rich using home inspectors as day-laborers. Sorry Mr. Rowan.

Doing this would also limit the horde of GC’s invading our profession.

If Florida home inspectors could agree on this we could then start a letter writing campaign to our state Representatives, the insurance industry, maybe even Nick Gromicko & Bill York would support us in this effort.

Comments please.

So I guess guys like me who have done a ton of these inspections and am a Qualified G.C. need to shell out some xtra bucks just to keep doing what I am already double qualified to do. I was also the first person who took and passed the InterNACHI course but since that course does not have the States approval I should bow before the almighty York and give him or somebody else my hard earned bucks. Are we ever gonna quit bashing G.C.'s around here? Home inspectors have gotten what they wanted, I guess it does not matter that many InternACHI members are also hard working General Contractors as well as Licensed Home Inspectors.

It’s way too logical and practical to ever get through the system. The existing process is set up for third party quality assurance and assures that those in charge have a controlling interest. Who would control and monitor the reinspections? There is just too many factors involved for this to ever get off the ground. IMHO but i’m all for it otherwise.

The question always arises "what is properly trained?’

That is the opinion that we all continue to debate. Properly trained also depends on interpretation of the form. The system set-up for re-inspections is an attempt to standardize the inspections. Anyone one who does these without learning what York has to say is a fool. He is an expert in the field, just because he has been there since the beginning.

Being a GC or a HI does not qualify anyone to fill out the form, although it may allow them to do it.

You can’t ask that contractor bashing question to the head contractor basher himself and expect an unbiased answer — where the hell ya been – owe, and by they way, i just passed my GC exam last week - YAHOOO

Good idea.

joe-its got my vote…


I saw that. Congratulations. Would you say it is easier or harder than a home inspection test?

With all the peace, love and COOM BY YA stuff that has been going on I figured the contractor brothers might get a break. I guess not, I knew I should have gone to that darn meeting.

Just joking about the meeting I have heard nothing but good things about the meeting and all those involved. I may even go to the next one if it is close enough and during the week.

I contacted Nick already, does anyone know Bill York well enough to get his opinion?

If citizens is going to pay $150…why wouldn’t we get $150? To be NICE to insurance companies?

No, I simply figured that would be a great incentive to most everyone connected with the program and maybe the $50 left on the table was the administrative fee which was no longer necessary to make the project feasible. Why be greedy? $100 is a fair price, Besides, it’s a 100% improvement over what the contractors were offering.

John Shisilla, got him to our meeting, i’m sure he could call.

You can send him an email if you want his address send me a PM and i’ll give it to you.

I would say $125 and then you have wiggle room…But hey its your awesome idea…well thought out and presented…but thats not saying much coming from me…

That is not true. We didn’t get anything that we wanted.There are still plenty of unanswered questions and decisions that need to be made by next July. The FHBA and FAR are both working to get those decisions made to their advantage. The home inspector council that we have representing us has people that are high level in FHBA.

The contractors against home inspectors may end if we get the repair clause out of the law.

Well it has been a good political year so far for Home Inspectors.

It is just getting a little tiring hearing about the Evil Contractors all the time.

If it was not for the contractors home inspectors would have nothing to do.:smiley:

What exactly does the repair clause state? That HI’s cant perform repairs on homes that they have inspected? Where can I find this info?

This thread is not unsimiliar to Nachi Management. I have spoke to Bill york, Nick , Mike Rowan, Wayne Birtsch. This idea, I believe, was Nick’s idea bidding on the main contract origionally. Anyone at the meeting remember the three TPA’s? I would love to see us get what we deserve.

Yes it says that contractors can make repairs.

Read line (f)

Now being the entrepreneur that you are what are you going to do?

Originally Gerry Beaumont was working with Sky-Tech on a project like this, back then the OIR balked because the home inspection profession was not licensed under DBPR. Licensed & insured is no longer an issue, couple that with a potentially long drawn out litigation process and my plan or a similar one might now look good to everyone concerned.

Now… What are the weak points to consider before it is ready for a formal presentation?