InterNACHI members might get tens of millions of dollars worth of inspections!!!

This afternoon, InterNACHI submitted over 5,000 pages of documents to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation in response to their invitation to negotiate to supply inspection management services for all their insured properties.

InterNACHI winning this contract would mean tens of millions of dollars worth of 4-Point, Wind-Mitigation and commercial property inspections for InterNACHI members!!!




Good Idea

I’am in.

I hope it works out!

I hope it works out too…

I’m still waiting for all the foreclosure inspections we were hearing about a while back though.

So… new guys… This is just something Nick is working on. There is no work for you or me yet. He’ll let us know if/when he wins it.

Why wait for the foreclosures? Do them. I demonstrated how anyone (even me, and I’m not an inspector) can get them.

As for 4-Points, which are big part of this new contract bid, our members have already done tens of thousands of them. Three years ago I got Citizens to use our Universal 4-Point Form: and I got all InterNACHI members approved. So like I said Mark, we already landed them, and members have already performed and been paid for tens of thousands of them.

me thinks we are to late
Citizens Insurance hands out another no-bid contract - St …
May 24, 2010 … The contractor could earn $2.6 million on home reinspections and shut out rivals. Under public pressure, Citizens Property Insurance Corp. …

Nope, read it again slower. The small (2.6 million dollar) emergency contract was only awarded to hold them over while we all go through the formal ITN bidding process on the huge contract (which InterNACHI submitted a bid for today). The contract InterNACHI bid on today is in the hundreds of millions of dollars range, over 3-5 years.

I’m ready for them Nick. Send them my way!

Nick, Im ready as well! send some my way too. Thank you

I expect Citizens to wait till the deadline before revealing all the organizations that, along with InterNACHI, submitted a bid.

I looked at all the HI associations and am glad this is the one I choose. It keeps getting better

Coming from the great state of Chicago, I can’t help it when I see contractors get a leg up on the bidding process. The state always find ways to grant contracts out to the favored. Just my way of thinking I guess…
It seems to me inspection depot needs some help in clearing up some of them wind mits. Only 600 done out of 1500 since Nov. 09. The extended contract calls for 15000 per month (assuming this isn’t a misprint) by the end of the year. How can they possibly fulfill there obligations without InterNACHI’s help. How can we get inspection depot to throw InterNACHI members a bone or two.
In any case I appreciate what InterNACHI has done for me, and the people I have met are terrific. Keep up the good work and I will do my best to support InterNACHi any way I can.

Hey Nick,

I’m in.
Any idea how this would work? We got guy fighting over these inspections as it is.

Is this for Florida only, or other states as well?

Hey Nick,

Was the bid the reason you needed some examples of our Wind Mits?

Likely just FL. We don’t have these type inspections round here either. I probably wouldn’t waste my time on them. Personally at $50-75 a pop that would be a lot of work and time to make what I’m making. I mean what’s the most you could do or could get in a week? 20?

These things are a lot like those drawl inspections, not worth the drive or gas money. My 2 cents.

And you don’t know what you are talking about Ray. and Wind Mits made a lot of inspectors a lot of money in Florida and continue to. Silly money in some cases.

Sign me up. Put me at the top of the list and let me know when and where. Thank for all you do for us.

Yea…Like the last 1,000,000 from forclosures…cant remember the thread but…just saying.