Wind mitigation

Does anyone do wind mitigation in orlando?

Jason Owens 321-231-4581

You can find local wind mitigation inspectors on The site is a resource for wind mitigation articles and local inspectors.

Jason is very easy to work with and I recommend him also.

John I gave a fellow inspector Mark your email address. He said he had a few in you area that needed done. Did he contact you. If not let me know and I will pass his contact info on to you.

Thanks we are already taking care of him.

Checked the website - found it to be somewhat deceptive in regards to the associated fees for becoming part of their network.

I would never send Credit Card info to a company that a) does not specifically list a monthly fee amount and b) requires me to sign an ongoing authorization for debiting my account for such fee.

Also, as a test run I put in my zip and tried to see if the site could locate a wind mit inspector - no luck the page consistently would not publish…

My personal impression - stay clear.

Hello Holly,
I do wind mitigations in Orlando and north of there on the East coast.
I am based in DeLand.
I will take good care of them if you send them to me.
John Miller
PRP Home Inspections and Risk Management Services

How many have you done? Are you a licensed contractor?

Wind Mitigations in Orlando:
Avalon Home Inspections, LLC
2,000+ Wind Mits since April 2007

I think you should have asked “How many have you done correctly”? Problem is only time will tell and even then the answer will undoubtably be subjective.

Hello Holly, I do wind mitigation in Orlando all the time. Please give me a call if I can help you.
John Miller
PRP Home Inspections