Looking for someone to do Wind Mitigation Inspections in Orlando area

I get the occasional phone call for a wind mitigation inspection in the Orlando/Lakeland area which is too far for me to drive to for $75-$100. I would like to have a qualified inspector that I can refer to these people that is charging between $75 and $100. Hopefully you get an occasional phone call for the Tampa area that you can refer to me! :wink:

Look out now all the whining little crybabies are gonna come out and call you a lowballer. It is nice to see another person that knows the actual value of these things and where the price needs to be to get work. I can help you on the west coast from Arcadia South and on the East coast from Stuart South. Orlando is a little far from me also. I will keep you in mind for things in the Tampa Area. Please send me your contact info and I will keep it on file. Good luck, I’ll be glad to help anyway I can anytime.:mrgreen:

Hi Kevin,
I have just completed the Wind Mitigation Certification for Allied American Adjusters who currently have contracts with 4 Insurance Companies. If you wish to pass the Orlando, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Lakeland area I will be glad to do them. If I get any for your area, I will send them to you. If you need someone who is certified by the State I can’t help you.

Aubrey I am not familiar with that certification but I do know that you must be a licensed contractor, architect, engineer or building inspector to do the inspections and sign the 1802 form. Also I am not sure why you would need contracts with insurance companies? Are you contracted with them exclusively to do their inspections?

I just wonder how many architects are out there doing wind mitigation inspections? What the hell is their profession even being listed for this job.

Call Andrew


I’m still not sure that you know how to fill out an 1802 form properly.

Allied American is an adjusting company which has contracts to do wind mitigation inspections for a number of insurance companies Bankers Insurance, American Integrity, Florida Peninsula and Nationwide to name a few. The insurance companies are having all the homes reinspected because the previous inspector that they had hired were doing drive by inspections and they have been found out. They have contracted with Allied American to redo all the inspections. Allied American has therefore trained and certified people like us, gc’s, engineers, and adjusters in wind mit to meet the Florida standards as set by the state. I am a home inspector but thought it would be cool to work with them either part time or full time if they could keep me booked. The pay per inspection is not great but they set your appointments for you the files are e-mailed to you and they will give you between 6 and 10 inspections per day depending on how many you want.

I am a new member of InterNACHI, however, have had my company in Central Florida since 1990. I am licensed by the State as a Standard Inspector as well as member of BOAF. I have been doing the 1802’s for several insurance companies as well as clients in this area and would greatly appreciate any that you could send my way. My information: Douglas Inspection Service, www.douglasinspectionservice.com and e-mail douglasinsp@att.net. My phone number is (407)896-3111. I also have clients in other areas of the state and would be glad to provide your information to them any chance I get. Thank you, Kim Moore

Yes, there has been some fraud, but this is true for all industries. There have also been hard working inspectors doing a great job helping homeowners harden their homes against hurricanes. The re-inspections will be as inaccurate as the others due to the fact that the 1802 is subjective to interpretation and there is no appeals board. The 1802 violates the FBC and who is training who. The blind leading the blind. I am glad you are making money, I hope the homeowners get a fair inspection from these low paying substandard re-inspections. Remember, there has never been an insurance company sleeping under an expressway. If you want to know the reason for the re-inspections, follow the money trail.

The form has also changed as well as the interpretation of the criteria within the form…

Hi Kevin,
I am also in the Orlando area. I was one of the MSFH inspectors from May 2007 until it ended and have continued doing the inspections for multiple insurance agents in the area. I did get my HI license as well (HI-139) and charge $99 so I am in your price range. Keep me in mind also please. Thanks.

I’m also available. Prior MSFH inspector having done over 6,000. Am presently living in Melbourne. FL Cert. # HI281 with cse completion and update. I’ll charge $ 125 cause I’m worth it!

This is a super old thread, thanks guys but I found someone a while ago who I have been working with.

I perform Wind Mits all the time, 10+ a week. Normal price $115, but on volume, we can talk.
Florida PE, CGC, Carr Inspection Services, Inc.

Again with this thread? Its over a year old…