Window Header Installation

Found these yesterday at a warranty inspection. Infrared showed that the window headers in the living room are not right at the top of the windows as is typical. Did they perhaps install smaller windows than planned? Just put headers in wrong spot? Will this be a problem? These were the only windows like this in the house, the others had the header right at the top of the window.

That is not a problem Kevin, I can see the jack studs next to the header framing carrying the actual load.

Sawthose too. Did not really figure it was a problem, just a little unusual. But wanted to get a second opinion.

Sorta like this…

Yikes, is that the design with the window being so recessed? That looks like a mess later on down the road if not handled properly.

Yep, looks like no slope to the sill and that flashing is not real impressive. I like to see metal pan flashing under recessed windows, especially those with no sill slope.