Window jamb flashing?

Can the jamb flashing be installed behind the green guard? The fortiflash installation guide did not speak against it.

If it is the same as the idiots up here, they put the window in the rough opening, apply butyl flashing over the nailing fin and onto the osb sheathing and then cover it with the house wrap a month or two later. By that time the butyl flashing has curled, dried out and is flapping in the wind. The windows tucked under the eaves don’t have problems but every window on the weather side of the home or the gable sides leak like sieves. Hardi plank is the standard and of course either the builder, siding contractor or painter also caulk the flashing above the windows making it even worse.

what’s strange is that i have always seen the head and jamb flashing installed over the green guard.

Think about it. Where is the water going to drain?

ever tuck your rain coat into your pants?

ever wonder why the roofers start at the bottom and go up instead of starting at the top and coming down?

Their guide shows the flashing in place before the weather resistive barrier is in place but IMHO, it will not give proper protection in high wind and rain areas.

thanks for the input. just needed some confirmation for my uneasiness.

Only when Mr. Johnson and jack the crack needs a GOOD THOROUGH CLEANING:). HA HA HA .