Window flashing missing?

If there is an overhang does that allow for using it as the flashing over the top of the window? That is what it appears to be on this 10 yr old home.

I am referring to the windows closest and at the deck that are missing the flashing.

Only if the rain never hits that side of the house.:shock:

Not an exemption that I know of.

Will someone please explain to me what is missing in the picture besides my comprehension.

I’m with Bob. Curious minds want to know.

I’m with you. Not enough detail to tell much in those pics.

I was making a bad joke. :wink:

It’s usually impossible to know whether or not flashing is present unless you remove the siding.

Glad it wasn’t just me wondering what I was missing.

I will assume that Richard is talking about the windows right under and within a few inches of the overhang. Typically in our (Richard and mine), the builder will not put flashing over the window/doors if those are right under the overhang. I always call it out on old and new construction, but have been wondering the same thing.

Here is a clearer pic. The windows at the fireplace vent (patio) do not have flashing over the top of the frame while the three far right windows do. The overhang is less for the the ones at the patio but with a blowing rain would that really matter. Seems like a problemo…

Well. I thought it would show up clearer. Forget the pic. Just look at the overhang and tell me if there is a legitimate reason for not flashing the two left windows while the third, fourth, and fifth are.

Me toooo???

Can you find an illustration Richard?
Here is a typical flashing.

You do not see the drip cap?

Head flashing missing.

IRC 102.4; ASTM E2112

If that is Hardieplank then look at install instructions.


Thanks jhime.

I though it was the flashing with the dirty knees…:wink:

Marcel #5.
I have never seen that. Thanks.

This is what Richard has been talking about… This is on my house which is under construction. The exterior finish will be brick veneer.

I use to flash above the flange with color aluminum.
Apron, side and head wall flashing.
Been a long time buddy.
I could be wrong.

yes the drip cap was missing.