Window Question

Home owner has seen mold spots on the wall around windows before and has cleaned it up. When I inspected the windows there was a lot of mold in the caulking around the window frame on the inside. The caulking is in bad shape. It was a little wet. Is this a sign of maybe poor flashing? They say it did not appear until it got cold here in Orlando.

Could it be condensation? If it has been colder than normal, condensation is a possibility (?). Here in the northeast, condensation is very common. Does it get “cold” enough in Florida for it to be a problem?

Make sure they are using silicone also.

Gary, A professional window installation, the caulking should not be visible on the inside, do you have any pictures?

Here ya go

Never use words like “cold” or “colder” with someone from Florida…they lose the subject matter rather quickly.:wink:

Is that a horizontal slider?

Gary, the picture is somewhat close but I would say that the build up of mold? is due to high levels of humidity, are we looking at stucco or drywall?

Drywall it is inside. What would explain the spot she were on the wall?

If that is a double hung ,I see a dust line halfway up which could indicate that window is open alot
Look at the screen.

double hung

I wonder if the widow was installed without any insulation between the window frame and the rough opening and just caulked into place???