What caused this

What caused this? This was on the interior around the window on both sides.

041406 028.JPG


The pic is blurry and I don’t know what I’m looking at…sorry.

Have any better pics?

Is it the same window you posted the exterior shot of in the exterior forum? If so, it would appear to be moisture intrusion from above.

try this one. I(t is drywall around window frame

041406 029.JPG

no james

Sorry, no help. I just can’t tell what I’m looking at. :frowning:

We need a clearer and broader picture of the area. If this is at the lower corners on the inside below the window sill, I would say water infiltration from outside. It could also be the lack of a drip cap, poor caulking, improperly installed window, broken window glass etc etc… I have one window in my own house that this happens too, however it is minor compared to this. My water damage usually happens when my daughter leaves west facing window open on rainy/windy days. I should screw that window shut one of these days.:neutral:

From the horribly out of focus images it appears to be long term water intrusion with a touch of mold. Set the camera on auto focus, make sure it’s not in ‘macro’ mode (evident by the little flower) and try again.

How many marquritas were involved?:smiley:

Hi Gary,

The picture ain’t good but it looks like moisture getting into traditional plaster around the window (at the bottom just above the inner sill on both sides. Right?)



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