Window Well Ladder

For an unfinished basement that is completely below grade with 3 window wells each deeper than 44" in height:

Does each well require a ladder or does only 1 of the 3 wells require a ladder as the basement is unfinished?

None of the window wells require a ladder in an Unfinished basement.


Could you please state the code you are relying on when given your answer? Also, if the code isn’t obviously clear in what it states but requires a little interpretation, could you please give yours?

Thank you.

That’s not exactly an accurate statement. It may be true applying the code as written…


Your local AHJ just may have a different opinion!

If the unfinished basement has an egress window w/well (or three), that window w/well shall conform to egress standards, whether an egress window w/well is required or not. The stated egress windows w/wells would be required to provide an escape ladder.

Now, for those claiming BS because egress windows are designed for rescue, I say… tell that to the children playing in the basement at christmas time that must climb out the window to escape the fire, only to be trapped in a well that they can’t get out of!

My company policy is: If it has it, it needs to meet recognized standards!

I understand your point of view. But the OP ask “Does each well REQUIRE a ladder”? And the answer is no.