Window wells

Need help new home being built in North Carolina. Needs window wells .
I said try Home Depo and Lowes . Here is the answer .

** have been to Home Depot and Lowes and they both looked at me like I laid an ostrich egg on their counter and said they cannot order them in for me, I guess I will have to ask the store manager to look into it. I have been online and haven’t found a supplier in NC. The foundation is in, the house is on and bolted together and they are starting trim out, backfill will be within 2 weeks.**
Does Does any one have an answer where in the USA to get window wells and have them shipped in . Thanks . Cookie




Thanks Jeff will let you know how we make out.


Roy, are you looking for something like this;

or like this;

Let me know if I can help decide what you are looking for.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great passed it on thanks . … Cookie


Have seen more and more window well which look like the Safety Step, until now did not know the manufacture, I have seen several the has the ladder for the deep well, sorry, just don’t know where to order, but it appears you have several leads.


This BB alone is worth a membership in NACHI.
Where else can you get instant information and have a argument at the same time .
And never make an enemy.
Life with NACHI just never a dull moment. Thanks Mike… Cookie


Something like these?


I do believe we’ve hit paydirt . . . very close indeed . . . thanks, now we all know where to look. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow! fantastic .you could even start your plants there for an early garden. Thanks … Cookie

Why not manufacture them onsite out of pressure treated lumber?