Winged Termite or Winged Ant?

Is this a winged termite or winged ant? The straight antenna makes me think termite.


I couldn’t open the zip file, but here’s a pic…


David, what’s the secret to posting a photo that is small enough in size for the message board to accept without being a zip? Have never done it.

Hey, Brian.

It depends on the type of image. Click on “Post Reply” and then click on the icon that looks like a mountain and it will give you the types of images and their maximum size.

I put images on my web site and then provide a link. That drives traffic to my web site.

Thanks Russel, I saw that when I went down and looked at the managing attachments option lower on the page. Everytime I browse my photo gallery for a picture to put in a post and select one, it is too big. Other than creating a zip, is there something I’m missing to make the photos fit in here?

Click on “Image Resizer” program on the right.

After install, you just right click on the pic’s you want to change You can select one or many with “shift or Ctrl” key).

You can select small, medium or large.

NACHI BB has increased JPG size capacity so you can select “medium”.

This adds a file in the same pic folder, with the same name with “medium” added to the name.

No program to run. Just right click on the pic file and the options pop up.

That’s the best one I’ve ever found.

You can also select a custom size, though, which makes it very nice for inserting pictures into a report template.

Winged Termites have a thick waist,and straight antenna, the second pair of wings end farther back, Winged Ant’s a narrow waist, and elbowed antenna, and equal length wings.

Thanks guys. Maybe this picture is clearer. Antenna makes me think termite, but body says maybe ant.

Much, much better!

Thin waist, neck, crooked antenna, one set of wings…
That’s an ant.

Ditto on Ant


Uncle, ooops I mean ant!



Ditto, ant. Just remember an ant (like your aunt Bertha) has hips, termites are straight bodied. Both are vermin.

I concur. Definitely an ant.

Note the waist…

I’m in the ant column now.

You calling my Aunt Bertha Vermin?