winterization pricing

what is basic charge for winterization for mobile home just got call from field service have never done one before

In CA you must be a licensed contractor to provide this service. Inspectors don’t winterize properties.

I can do winterization in Ky. just never did one before I priced it at $120.00, I got the job just don’t know if I was to cheap or not.

How much do you charge to install hardwood flooring?

They don’t have hardwood floors in Kentucky. Dirt or stone, take your pick. I prefer white marble chips.

Pay my way out to Ca. and I’ll give ya a good price. I could use a vacation:)

We have hardwood floors they’re just rough hued kinda hard on our bare-feet:)

I’ve done a few winterizations on new construction homes that were between 80-97% completed. I got from $150 to $250 depending on the size of the home. If you get $120 for a mobile home that is a good price. The bigger contractors don’t pay that much to their subs. If you deal directly with the banks you’ll get more. You may be able to find more info at Click on state and you’ll find the pay schedule.
Most pay according to the HUD max.

Thanks for the link, the field service stuff is all new to me just started getting into it this year. I know some companies have set pricing on somethings I just didn’t want to price anything to cheap.
Thanks again for your input

$120.00 is not bad considering it’s a mobile home. But you say you have never done one before? How do you know what to do? Performing a winterization is not as easy as just opening a water valve to let the water out. If you don’t properly flush/blow out the lines, protect the traps, remove the meter, and drain anything that retains water…well expect a call back to pay for these items.

Before agreeing to offer ANY service you should know how to provide it.


I have see it done and also have the paperwork and instructions that they sent me. been in the Building Industry for 30 years and I learn things new everyday and you got to start new somewhere or you never get anywhere. I’m sure you had to do your first home inspection at sometime