Does anyone do winterization and de-winterizations? I had a agent tell me today the home inspector that she has used in the past does the winterizations for her clients. I have never done this but can see how it could be additional revenue stream. What do you guys think?

Never. Don’t want or need the potential headaches or liability.
Did you ask they agent why…

yep I have been doing them for about 6 yrs. Feel free to email or call if you have questions.

Inspected a foreclosure today - sellers agent wanted me to “winterize it after the inspection” or not turn on the water. I believe there is compression, and blowing the lines out if you are going to do it right. Another company came by and charged $90 bucks to winterize it afterward. Ill let them have that part…

they require winterizing in Florida? lmao

I do alot of these, they are pretty easy to do
I do not see much of a liability issue as long as you follow a SOP for each one, and document what you find.

North Florida…and I thought that was interesting too. It is a foreclosure bank owned home - so maybe they are just being cautious. It does get down in the 40’s sometimes down here…burrr!