Winterized Plumbing

With cold weather just around the corner, I need some advise on inspecting plumbing, in winter months, at vacant/foreclosed properties with winterized plumbing.
I got licensed and started my business in TN this past March so this will be my first winter doing home inspections. Winters in TN are normally mild but I have done several inspections this summer at foreclosed properties that were winterized. In the summer months I have de-winterized the plumbing so I can inspect it. My question is how do you guys normally handle the plumbing inspection, in winter months, when the home is winterized ? Turning on water, filling toilets, etc. seems risky when it’s 20 degrees outside. Do you defer it or turn water on and fill fixtures ???
Thanks !

I let my client know while scheduling the inspection that it is their responsibility to make sure the utilities are on. If something is not on, it limits the scope of the inspection and I defer those items and I inspect all I can otherwise. I also charge for return trips once the utility is finally on.