WiseHeat Thoughts?


Came across this today. Anyone have an experience or thoughts on it?


No reviews from any current users, just people curious like me.

Hardly any reviews from actual users, just people curious on the product.

Yep on the market for some time and I did not see one who is excited about them .
Lots who are very nervous about the product.

That has an interesting concept. It really isn’t that much different than most pellet stoves in terms of efficiency or particulates released into the air. It’s main difference is it doesn’t need electricity to feed the pellets so its nice for those areas with power outages. This also means there is no fan or self ignition so your not going to be hooking this up to a thermostat and walking away. It can be moved to a cabin or shop which can be nice. Some people do move the stoves out of the house here in the summer. The water heating option is interesting in that you might be able to pump the heated water to another part of the home and put in a small radiator.