Pellet burner as main heat source?

Can a pellet burner be used as a main heat source in a habitable room? I called it out as no and the buyer asked me for my source. Now I can’t find a source on it. I swear it was something I learned along the way, I just cant seem to find where though. Any help would be great.
Thanks all,

Tyler Tachell

I don’t know why it couldn’t. It doesn’t happen very often.

It can around here. Not sure where you’re from.

Have you ever been in front of one while its on, it’ll do the job, those are great.

I find them quite often here in the mountains. Mostly they are wired to a thermostat so they kick on just like GFA system.

They were huge around here a few years ago. Everyone burned corn in them until corn prices went nuts. Now they are burning the pellets or going duel fuel with a gas furnace or air-to-air heat pumps.

In some situations a thermostat controlled heat source is required. Pellet stove require someone to refill them on a daily basis. This type of heat source cannot run continuous if it is left unattended.

They make an auger system to fill them as needed.

Furnace yes but not stove…