Wondering when to get an inspector before or after contract is signed

We are the Buyer of a house in suffolk county NY, and We have an accepted offer. When do we get an inspector, before or after our contract is signed?

After an accepted offer that should have a time limitation on how long you have to get an inspection and request repairs.

Yes after and should be scheduled as soon as you can, this will allow you enough time as George stated

The answer is actually different for various regions of the country. There are some areas that prefer to have the inspection performed prior to a “Purchase Agreement” is even tendered, so that an informed offer can be submitted, and virtually eliminates the back and forth negotiations that arise from discovery of issues after the fact. It is also very common for these transactions to utilize Real Estate Attorneys to prepare the Purchase Agreement.


Realtors, who cannot keep their fingers out of the pot with the need to control everything related to their paychecks, have been pushing for the more common “after”, believing that if they can get you to sign a “Purchase Agreement” you are less likely, and sometimes legally cannot, walk away from the sale, thus preserving their paychecks!

In your case, you already put in an offer. At this point, you have no right to entry for an inspection until the Agreement is actually signed. To be sure, you need to check with your agent, and while you are waiting, get on the phone and interview prospective inspectors. BTW… there are many more questions you need to ask than “How much is an inspection”?

Hint: the inspector that just throws out a price, without asking you a ton of questions in return, is the last inspector you want to work with. A true professional will actually converse with you, for as long as it takes, until you both have all your questions answered, and you have a really good feel for who he/she is. This is not a two minute phone call. I sometimes talk with potential clients for 30-45 minutes. You are making a major investment. Treat it as such.

Good luck!