Wood Burner and Gas Furnace No No's

this house had a wood burner installed in the basement next to the gas furnace. homeowner said he only used the gas furnce a few times last winter… THANK GOODNESS :shock:

not only is the main panel in a very dangerous position, but this just made me have to shake my head and smile. right on the side of the firebox is stated “this unit should not share a chimney with another appliance

The best I can tell from the pic the wood burner is sharing the supply air duct into the home which is allowed and normal. Just the flue gases can not share and it appears the vent on the gas burners travels in another direction in the pic. Chimney and supply duct totally different if that is what it states on the unit. Am I right in assuming the wood burner has a forced air blower as many now days do.

the picture on the right shows the two flue’s going into a single chambered chimney.