Forced air propane furnace and wood burning stove combined

Anybody see this setup beforeDSCN5762 DSCN5763 DSCN5821

A homeowner special.

To start with, the wood burning stove flue cannot be reduced like it is.

Others will chime in with more.

Does that stove flue pass through the duct? That could be a potential killer there!

I would be reporting that it was atypical, potentially hazardous, appears amateurish, needs full evaluation by a licensed HVAC specialist who is familiar with hybrid systems…

Yes it does chuck, and the stove was just about rusted through in several areas. I am just trying to understand the concept of the configuration of both units being tied together

Wow! now that is a Family killer apparatus if I have ever seen one.
Damn, how ignorant can people be to come up with these setups?

Larry, there were so many issues going on with this setup. My inquiry was the overall setup and trying to understand the concept of both being tied together. I thought I would post this as it is so different from the norm.

You just never know what you might find out there Marcel. This is by far the strangest setup I have ever seen.

So can a heat exchanger that cracks. What’s the difference? How about fireplace airforced heat recovery instalIations? bet whoever installed it had it welded or it was a single piece of vent.

The difference is that this is not a heat exchanger and a not a listed device. Modern heat exchangers are kept under negative pressure on the combustion side during operation so any leakage would not leak combustion gases into the domestic air.

Helps you get a deeper sleep

Longer too.

This setup should be in House of Horrors.

Yes, Neil, I think they thought they could get more heat by passing the flue through the plenum/duct work. and it looks like they are sucking air from the ash clean out door, for what ever the Darwin candidate was thinking. When, in reality, that is a good way to insert CO into the house potentially not letting those sleeping not wake up!

I agree recommending a thorough evaluation by a qualified HVAC/ wood stove specialist is need before some one is killed.

It’s a dual chamber forced air stove. The ash door is in the front.

I meant the ash/clean out door for the chimney.

No such thing pictured. It’s sucking return air (via small bottom fan on the back of the stove) from the return plenum.

Thanks, Simon.
I thought that was a clean out and I’m wearing my glasses. :thinking:

I think I must have inspected his cousin’s house lol!



Wow! They’ve got the extinguisher ready, but I hope they have a Carbon Monoxide sensor somewhere. LOL