Wood Foundations?

I have seen a few of these in my area and need more info. I see these mainly in chalet type situations for seasonal use.

How do you define this as to its :
existence (who would do this?) I have read the inachi info on wood foundations already.
its acceptance by building code

How would you write up the report (wording) pertaining to this type of foundation?

I have been contacted for an inspection on this type of home and don’t want any repercussions…if you know what i mean! This home is about 30 years old!

Thanks Scott


Based solely on the number of inspections conducted on wood foundations over the years, the biggest problem I have seen is water entry, bowed foundation walls, exposed exterior insulation on a few and poor site grading.

Off gassing of chemicals impregnated into the lumber/plywood.

Limited life span - 85 yrs?

Resale value.

A quick Google search “Wood Foundations” will provide quite a few hits of interest.


Get the documents from the Canadian Wood Council on PWF’s. They are essentially the building instructions based on CSA Standard S406 “Construction of Preserved Wood Foundations” which is referenced in of the NBC.

My second inspection on Saturday past was a preliminary look at a 2,900 square foot home with 2 car garage (plus finished basement of 2,900 sq ft) with a PWF and suspended wood basement floor.

The last 2 weeks have been the most interesting of my HI career due the varied and different number of unique houses I have inspected.

Thanks Guys, you are all right on as usual!!!