Wood Framed Windows

Hi everyone, This is a hypothetical question. Ok, you encounter a home with wood window frames. There is a 8"x 2" area missing paint and the wood is semi-soft 1/4" deep using pic test.
Is this a MINOR defect in need of repair? Here is the CATCH, it is found during the dry summer months.It might dry naturally or by means of a hot air gun and be painted and repaired.
Or is it a MAJOR defect in need of repair as it can lead to major problems ?
What if it’s found during the colder rainy season.
So, would the season determine if it is a major or minor defect. Or the depth of the
pic test ?

Why does it matter if you consider it major or minor? I report what I see and let my clients decide for themselves what is major. The only time I emphasize major is if there is an immediate threat to health or safety IE an active gas leak.

Part of the pre-inspection conversation I have with my clients is that all buyers have different expectations and skill levels. Some people would consider a faulty diverter valve a major defect while others think that repairing a section of foundation is no big deal. I set the expectation that they will not see me get too excited over anything major or minor as I am just there to observe and report. They need to carefully read my report and make their own decisions.


^^ What he said…Yep!

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Well, the reason I ask is that I’m working on my 4 mock inspections before taking my final exam. Here is the sample -

Windows (a representative number)


No Defect(s) Observed
Material Defect
Major Defect
Minor Defect
Cosmetic Defect
Restricted Access

We are required to mark one. Based on that I MUST decide if it is minor or major. The defect I described is what I found.
Now I could mark any answer and continue, yet in good faith I’m trying to be honest to myself. I also understand that not all Inspection software will be worded as such.
However in this instance it is.
So in this case I ask again, what would the correct answer be. Minor or Major ?

Okay now I understand.
It’s a damn stupid question they are presenting to you.
However, since you’ve done your prick test and appears to be rot. And you can’t see behind the window framing. I would consider it restricted access. Beyond visual observation.
That’s just me. I could be wrong.
Restricted access from the choices seems the only feasible answer.


Sounds good Roy, Lesser of the 2 evils, I will have followed SOP and described
the issue.
Thank’s for the input.

It is the best I could do.

Major defect $500-1000+ to fix or immediate safety hazard (could be very cheap to fix). To answer your specific example, it can be major because replacing the frame of a large window can be $$$ If it’s a very small window, you could clasify it as minor… not enough information is provided to determine this correctly. It will come to you in due time & with experience. However, having said all this it’s best not to determine, in your report, if something is minor or major defect using these specific words. Leave it up to client :slight_smile: When you start saying major major you will scare everyone for no good reason.

Thats why I hate those tests.

To be able to realize that this kind of questions are stupid is also a test.

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:joy: I hear that