Improper Window Install

If it weren’t for the gutter guys this faulty install might have eluded me. This is the only visible evidence of a bad install but there are 8 more windows with full trim probably hiding the nailing fin on top of the siding.

Built in 1996 this install has been like this for 20 years and no problems inside probably due to nearly 4’ eaves. Would you call this a major defect or minor based on no apparent long term effect on the structure?

p.s. - I really did try to rotate the photo but it didn’t work.

Pretend you were buying the house. Also, throw the major/minor mentality in the trash. It’s either wrong or right. Black and white. If you consistently look at the “gray,” you’re in for a long, mentally-draining ride.

Keep it simple.

I don’t have to pretend…I bought this house 9 years ago. Problem is, the home inspector my realtor recommended didn’t find or report this defect. It took me a couple years before I noticed it myself. One day I was hosing down the exterior of a window and when a waterfall appeared on the inside casing.

Thanks for your input!

Sounds like you may have a legit suit/case against your competition! :wink:

Head flashing isn’t required at openings where the distance above the window is less than 1/4 of the depth of the eaves… So although a totally ridiculous install… If push came to shove he might actually lose his case.

Why not go to the guy who installed it in the first place.

Window installation must conform to the manufacturer’s installation instructions which will also conform to published standards AAMA2400, ASTM E2112 which address, among other things, the requirement for sealing and flashing the nailing flanges.

The installation is demonstrably wrong.