Wooden Shake Shingle - Question

In Calif. they are not permitted anymore …obvious fire hazard
When it comes times to upgrade the Roof. Can they Roof over the top of the
wooden shake shingle ? … ( Which they did )… Or per constructions standards
should the shake shingles have been removed.

I would remove the shakes.

While 2 layer of asphalt shingles are allowed (but not recommended!) you can not cover dissimilar materials with a second layer of asphalt shingles - so the shakes should have been removed. Shakes are uneven and would make a terrible surface to roof over - the roof must look like crap.

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Thank you … I will write it up.

Thank you Larry

I just inspected a houes yesterday with the exact same condition. Yes, the roof surface was very wavy & looked terrible! The shingles were installed in March of this year. (the pic doesn’t do justice)

I checked the attic before mounting the roof. The old wood shingles showed signs of damage from both water & zero attic ventilation. I could not determine if there was any leaking since these shingles were installed due to not having any rain here in 2 months.
I did mount the roof & while areas felt spongy, no cracking or loose shingles under my feet.

In my report I cited that the old wood shingles are not an approved decking material per the manufacturer. Despite the fact that the shingles appear to be securely anchored now, the poor integrity of the old wood shingles may not offer the appropriate support for anchoring the shingles over the long term. (Along with photos, I include this image from OwensCorning)

I recommend that my client have a qualified & competent roofing contractor (other than the one who installed this roof) make any necessary repairs. At the very least, have them rendered an opinion & estimate for repairs before the end of the option period to know the full scope of what can be expected.
I also suggested exploring the option of a metal roof (she loved the idea) since most of what is needed to install such is already there & in good condition.

BTW those look like wood shingles and not wood shakes

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You are correct, they are completely uniform. Don’t know what got me typing shake but I sure didn’t proof read. Thank you!
Just checked my report to make sure I called them shingles…all good there. Edit made.

If the shingles would have been installed correctly, they would not have had to screw it up again by installing the composite shingles on top of it huh!:wink::grin:

No problem, David.

Wait till the sun settle those upper shingles down. It will look like a roller coaster. :rofl:

My old eyes can’t tell…

Thanks …

Call the manufacturer and ask them if they are going to honor their “30 year” warranty installed like that. I bet you can guess what their answer will be.

They wouldn’t just for the fact there is absolutely no attic ventilation, let alone the “decking”.

I was concerned about insurance than warranty & advised my client to check that her insurance company would even write a policy on it.

Good thinking and care for your clients.