Roofing material being grandfathered

I did a inspection in a fire hazard area where shake shingle roofing
material is now banned. This house had shake shingles installed b4
code was updated. With the house now being sold, can the roof remain
shake shingle ?


Unsafe is unsafe. Write it up.

The prospective buyer needs to know.

Do you not report on the absence of GFCI protection or tell your customer about the new pool child safety regualations for fences. And do you not inform you customer about polybutylene piping, Federal Pacific and Zinsco panel boxes. It is our job as home inspector to inform our coustomers as to what they are buying so they can make an informed decision.

Think of the consequenses if you dont tell him.

If I see it and consider it a safety issue, it gets written up.

But to answer your question:

It probably depends on the jurisdiction.

After the October 2003 fires here, virtually every jurisdiction decided to take action against wood shake/shingles. Some require the wood roof to be replaced when the property is sold, some require the wood roof to be replaced within five years of a certain date, and some that require the wood roof to be replaced within five years of a certain date—not when property is sold, though—have financial assistance or incentives in place to help.

I believe all city jurisdictions here, as well as unincorporated areas in the County, forbid installing wood roofs on new construction.