Wopila Kaniyeyapi

to everyone.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Lakota Souix.

Jae, I doubt my Indian Plains brothers are happy for the holiday or the pilgrims.

Why would that be?

That greeting came to me from my Lakota friends as they prepare to celebrate the occasion.

Why would they not be happy with the Pilgrims?

Where is “Indian Plains”? Is that a town or county or something.

My friends live in Chamberlain, SD…they are “SIOUX” or “LAKOTA”…and proudly so.

Yes they are happy to have been slaughtered and driven from their land.

“Forced to live in mobile homes on reservations while your people wear cardigans and drink cognac”

Regrets, from a boy named Sioux.

How do you do?

That “play” is so full of crap it’s just plain pathetic.

The tribal natives are NOT forced to live there–it’s their choice. Many reports and stories from their own people discount such as that ‘youtube’ as 'blame-placing propaganda. Those who live in their self-imposed squalor lack the industrial attitude to work.

People of all races, creeds, backgrounds look for the ‘handout’ wherever thay can find it–and blame others for their condition–in this country and abroad–it’s part of the human experience.

I, for one of many, refuse to listen their BS–but will happily support them if they were to get off their duffs and become gainfully employed.

I fully support the SD Lakota for their initiative to succeed on their own–through their own effort and hard work.

I, along with my Seminole, Sioux, Cherokee, Choktaw, and other ‘tribal’ friends, disdain their being referred to as Indians, Native Americans, Redskins, Braves, or anything other that what they actually are…


Or by their ancestral designation…Seminole, Sioux, Cherokee, Choktaw, etc.

Thanks Jae I agree … Roy

Jae and Roy are correct. Everyone else is wrong. As least concerning the Lakota. I live in Rapid City, SD

Do you drink Cognac and wear cardigans ?

No, Beer and Carharts.