Our Young Warriors

I just saw an episode on CBS news tonight showing greetings to our soldiers coming back from Irac, and landing in Bangor, Maine for re-fueling and departure to designated areas. This reminds me of last year when I was there in Bangor to greet my own son back from Irac.

I know that some of you Hi’s out there in the Country have sons there also and would like to express my deepest gratitude for your siblings to contribute to this cause as mine did.

I wish that everyone of them comes back and although some might not make it, my sympathies to the ones that don’t.

In either case, I believe our young men are proving that Americans are strong in heart and strongly believe to make things right at what ever cost including their lives.

May the one above us protect these young souls and may they all come home.

Thought I would share this moment of joy with you all and God Bless all.

Thank you,


Yes good point Marcel.

We have 2000 troops serving in Afganastan. They haven’t been having a good go of late over there. Our Prime Minister just did a surprise visit.

I support our troops and your troops. God bless them and keep them safe.

Freedom and democracy comes with a price, unfortunately. I think too many take it for granted.


Give you son a big hug and a thank you from me for his dedication to you and his country. He and all other are always in my prayers,as I was when I servied. :slight_smile:

On a similar note. KCNachi Chapter President, Jason Crandall is being deployed somewhere over there. He was not permitted or able to disclose exactly where or how long he will be gone. I will be taking over his duties as acting chapter president.

Stay safe Jason! If you guys need anything let us know. We’re with you all the way.



Thank you for thinking of those serving. I find that as time goes by people think of our troops less and less. A year ago it was popular for entertainers, actors, sports figures and politicians to publicly thank the troops. I haven’t heard anyone do that in a while. My son is currently serving at Camp Anaconda (about 65 miles northwest of Baghdad).
I thank your son for his service, as well as Jason and anyone else serving.

Thank you all guys, and I pray that every son in this location of the World, can all come back safely. I Sympathize with anyone that has a Son In Iraq , because it was a long 13 moths for me awaiting his phone call every week. Every once and awhile he would not call due being in the fields of Bagdad, he was a Combat Medic, and after he was out told me of all the close calls he had. That was after I asked him how he managed and what did he do to get the Bronze Medal of Honor. All I could say, was thank God you are home and you did not tell your Mother any of this. She would have freaked out.

Again, thank you to all.


Let’s not forget the daughters, wives and moms who have answered the nation’s call.

May all of the sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, return home safely.

I spoke to my son just after he got over there. He is a gunner on a humvee. He told me that two days prior the unit in back of him got hit with an IED. Then he said that the following day the unit in front of him got hit. After that, every time I spoke to him “everything was fine - it’s real quiet over here”. I know the routes he takes and I know they are very busy and dangerous. He’s protecting us folks at home by not having us worry. I’m sure he will have a few stories when he gets back.