Working RE Magazine to run NACHI article.


Clever :smiley:

I have been using the form for a while now, so far everyone has only been to happy to fill it in

Where do I get a copy of the form?


Pssst…Rick…click the link in the initial post by Nick… :wink:

Rick, click the pdf download inside this link:

Anyway… it looks like they ran the article:

Nick, link not working

Works for me.

I get only 1 page which is the index page. No article…:frowning:

Very Nice!!

I will DEFINATELY use them!

Thanks Nick.

Here is the PDf with ENTRY FIELDS!

What I mean is that instead of “hand writting” on the printed out version, simply mouse over the fields and type in the client info as well as your info.

Survey.pdf (141 KB)

Hope it helps!

Nice Harvey!

I thank you and my client’s pen hands thank you…