Workmans Comp

I would like to get workman’s compensation insurance for three of us. I realize that we are not required to have the coverage (non construction business) under 4 employees, however we would like to have the coverage if its not cost prohibitive.
We checked with our payroll company and they said we needed 4 employees and a minimum amount of payroll, which we do not have.
Any firms covered with workman’s comp coverage that would like to share there agent/underwriter we would greatly appreciate it.
Certified Inspection Service

Where are you located?

SW Florida, Cape Coral

I don’t know about Florida, but in California if you have just one employee, you’re required to have workers compensation insurance. If you have less than four employees in Florida they’re invincible, they can’t get hurt?

Check with ADP payroll WC dept. We just signed up with 2 part time people. California’s rate is about 7 dollars per 100 of payroll.

Workers comp is a lot more down here for sure :frowning:

I payed about $3500 last year for our crew (some part time), from Bridgefield. Talk to your agent, we use a local agent that carries multiple insurances for us.

I suggest you check with the state, we don’t do home inspections but have had to have it for years. The owners have an exemption. The prices drops after about three years with no claims.

Thank You Everyone!!