Would you comment on this

In your report or would U just ignore it or write it up as needing repaired.

The suction line on the heat pump was buried for approximately 20 feet the discharge air temp off the A-coil was 85 dsegrees and the unit was fully charged with refrigerant:shock::wink:

Interesting question. We don’t have many heat pumps around here, except in multi-family buildings, but I’ve never seen lines buried.

I imagine with cold climates this could adversely affect the performance and/or efficiency of a heat pump system, especially if the lines are not buried beneath the frost line.

Ok lets play what if

What if the temp of the soil above the frost line is 25 degrees suction line is buried below the frost line 4 feet, temp of the soil say 55 degrees we are still going to have substantial heat loss at 55 degrees just not as much as 25 degrees to me both are unexceptable

So the solution in this case is what - to move the unit closer to the residence and shorten the lines, keeping them inside the structure?

Absolutely I know not why the unit was sitting where it was I suspect it was there all along but connected to the original part of the home a sun room was added onto this home and the furnace section was installed in a outside closet.
Why they did not move the unit is beyond me it could have been located within two feet of the indoor coil. At 85 degrees discharge temp the aux strip would have been used to heat when it was really cold outside. At the time I inspected the aux heat did not operate no wonder it had to operate all the time

I call out all buried A/C lines. It’s that incorrect? Doesn’t the efficiency suffer, not to mention there’s the potential for Joe Gardner to start digging and damages lines?

To me a Standard line set buried a short distance is not a biggie as long as a oil trap is not built in. As for Joe the Gardner he will only damage the line once and after he cleans the oil from his face he will remember

Charlie can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is less of an issue when the system is not a heat pump.

When the unit is strictly for cooling purposes, it’s less likely the efficiency will be affected by burying the lines.