Would you enter this tight attic access?

11" X 22"
Would you enter?

Yes, as much as you did :smiley:

I voted you’re kidding me because I do not feel it really ='s entering :smiley:

The reason is quite simple. It Is Not Safe. I do not care if you are a retired Tunnel Rat or what. yOU CAN ONLY SEE WHAT YOU ARE RIGHT ON TOP OF AND THE CHANCE OF INJURY or damaging property is too great to try. Caps my bad :smiley:

I’m a puss*y …I voted NO!

For what reason?

I voted no. When spaces are that tight the chance of harm to myself or the property are too great.

To inspect the attic.:wink:

I can fit my flashlight in there.

12X12 is my minimum.

Found out today that 11" is my minimum height. 10.5" and I wouldn’t fit… I tried a 10" crawl entrance a few years ago and there was no way.

No Sir.

No need to go through that extreme tight entry when you can inspect properly with a good flashlight. You won’t see anymore with physical entry and possibly cause yourself harm and or damage to the ceiling.
And while we are at it, where is the ceiling insulation?

Wow, seriously? Your chest is no wider than a loaf of bread?
My shoulders are broader than the OP’s specs!
Football playing, hammer swingin’, midwestern white boy!
Are there no ‘real men’ here anymore?

I’m 6’2" 220.

I also eat healthy and work out regularly so I can do the best job I can.

And technically, I’m bigger than the average NFL corner back, and on par with the average WR. So there! :cool:

So post a pic of you going through a 12*12 square lol

Nothing is worth personal safety to me…just because you can doesn’t mean you should…how are you getting out of you hurt yourself going in? Or have heat stroke?

Ok, so where’s your vote?

If an attic is hot enough to get heat stroke in, one shouldn’t enter the attic to begin with, no matter how large or small the access is.

I voted no. :wink:

Let the games begin lol…so you don’t enter attics period during spring,summer and fall months? Do you purposely book inspections times to allow you a window to enter to the attic, if you do not, why not? I sound like JJ :twisted::mrgreen::shock::wink:

Welcome to reality! :wink: