Would you have noticed?

I may not have noticed this if the gutter was in good shape, because I would have slapped my ladder right up there and climbed up. Thank God I didn’t. Look what was at the other end of this garage. Gutter is about 1/4 inch from touching power line to home.


I don’t know… Good thing you had a good look before hitting the roof!

My ladder is aluminum, and it would have lit me like a Christmas tree.

That is definitely scary.

This is why I keep telling Inspectors to use a fiberglass ladder.
You can pickup a good 28 footer for a couple hundred.
I have seen electrified gutters many times.

From the pic it looks like the gutter’s the issue, not the service drop.

It is quite common to come in under the eaves (and consequently gutters) on high colonials like that.

Also, a GOOD Type 1A 24’ fiberglass X-ladder can be had for as low as $200 if you look in the right places.
I find a 24’ to be the best all around size.

Looks like the chimney is also too short.

I agree. It is the gutter that’s about to fall - onto the wires. :shock: From the pic it does look like a colonial, but it’s really a massive garage (old barn).

That is a good find…not only may it potentially energize the gutters, but the leaders as well. If that occurred, then it is possible some arcing may occur and create a fire hazard as well.

Just a few minutes ago I was informed that the listing agent think’s I’ve flipped for calling this out. Not only do I not market to agents, but now I hate them too. :twisted:

I will never forget this picture for as long as I inspect.:shock: Thanks for posting Erol. I am sure you will save someone’s life as a result. The agent, on the other hand, -X , should climb the ladder themselves since it’s no big deal.


It’s funny you mention the agent. I agreed to meet him at site with client for 30 minutes tomorrow. I’m going to ask the agent who think’s this a joke to climb up there and tell me if the wires are touching the gutter yet. :smiley: I can’t wait for his response! :smiley: :smiley:

\:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ Awesome. Can’t wait to hear his response…:smiley:

The agent looked at a few of my recommendations, apologized and left. :wink:

Smooth move some are smart enough to be able to say sorry .

Hi Roy,

I’m only human and probably miss things on inspections. However, what I put in my reports I consider to be very accurate. I wanted the agent to tell me why completety rotted out windows don’t need to be replaced or why uneven risers are no big deal. The agent supposedly has a construction background so I was in all honesty looking forward to being ‘tested’ so to speak. :wink:

AH! yes but you got the satisfaction of knowing you where correct and did not back down .
I expect this agent will use you more now and never ever challenge you again.
Good for you… Cookie