Would You Report this Installation

Performed an inspection on a 100 + year old disaster yesterday. Some jerk installed a new kitchen sink and tied the waste line into an old drain in the basement. To vent this installation, he installed a TY into the exhaust for the power vented water heater. In addition the water heater was installed on a rotted wood floor and was leaning and extremely unstable.

I reported the installation to the water heater rental agency and they in turn had the gas shut off to the dwelling. The listing agent is furious , the deal fell through and after I told him that I did not give a S---- about what he thought, he is going to report me to ?? somebody!

Your thoughts and comments will be appreciated.



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I’ve never heard of anyone renting a water heater. Lord, what are we coming to…everyone’s got a $200 cell phone @ $70/month, cable TV and internet, and people can’t afford a water heater?

If you see something wrong , you report it!

Calling the service company? Not confortable on this.

Sorry to tell you but we are not a code inspectors, we are hired by our client to inspect and report. (service contract).

When advised by you of the problem, the client should ask his broker to figure out a fix or whatever!

Beauchemin, Marc-Andre
Brossard, Quebec, Canada :slight_smile:

What creative mind came up with this?
Totally insane.

I see the copper gas line. With the economy the way it is, we will all start to see band-aid repairs.

I realize that we are not code inspectors but this was a potentially dangerous installation.

The water heater rental company came down immediately and shut off the gas to the heater.

More comments please

Exhaust gas ,'carbon monoxide and methane.
Is that a good way to make crack or just someone doing the setup on crack?

I bet the exhaust was tied in to the downspouts.


I think I would have reported the dangerous situation to the seller (with the client’s permission) both verbaly and in writing, also noting same in the report to the client. I don’t think I would have reported the situation to anyone else although that may have been the shortest path to resolving the situation and keeping the home owner from killing themselves!

I just received a call from Reliance Energy thanking me for taking the time to bring “this dangerous situation to their attention”. The gas has been turned off to the water heater and an infraction notice issued for immediate repair.

The listing agent is furious with me but I really do not care and told him so!


The rentals are actually quite common up here. Must be another one of those Canadian things eh? :slight_smile:

Definatley goes on the report. Venting the drain from the water heater exhaust…??? I’d love to see what else was going on in the house.

Steve you would not believe the rest of the place. Typical Mike Holmes mascara and lipstick. Main floor looks good for a first time buyer but the roof is leaking the foundation has been undermined, dirt floor in the basement and lots of water, waste lines double trapped and the list goes on.

The listing agent is really PO’d at me and refused admission to the house to the Reliance inspector! Now instead of correcting the leaning tank and bastardized vent pipe, Union Gas has been notified to turn off the gas. Morons, they walk among us. I guess licensing did not help the real estate industry! Now they require suitable flooring for the water heater and new 636 venting and they will have to install a vent for the waste line. There is a lot to be said for pre listing inspections but the Realtors are too daft to push it.


As Paul Harvey alway said: “Now here is the rest of the story”.

In the fall of 2008, I did an inspection on Wharncliffe Road in London. I noted a damaged induced vent on the rented water heater. I noted the defect in red on the report, informed and explained the dangers to the client, informed the vendor who was home and noted the deficiency to the realtors.

Two weeks after taking possession, the young lady (my client) and her two young children were rushed by ambulance to Victoria Hospital with Carbon Monoxide poisoning. So much for my notifications and warnings.

I know we are not code inspectors, but once warned twice shy. I did not rely on anyone in this case as it was potentially catastrophic. I notified Reliance Energy with the thoughts that possibly I was an alarmist. On seeing the pictures they diverted their chief technician to the property and called me to thank me for bringing this to their attention.

As to the listing realtors, I really do not give a second thought. I am not the inspector of choice for most realtors locally because they know that I will not write a soft report.

Bryce Jeffrey

When you think you seen it all!

Water heater and renting of such inexpensive components is almost a main stay in Quebec.
Hydro Quebec have capitalized on energy grants and rentals.
I myself do not see why . The cost to RENT as compared buying is almost double plus you lose the Provencal or federal government subsidy. When applicable.

LOL and one more LOL !!!

Why do you say that? Coated copper is allowed in many areas, MN being one of them.

What is “coated” copper?

Looks like regular copper to me & copper is normally not recommended/approved for natural gas (LP is fine).

Perhaps not, ***in your area. ***

Coated copper is used for NG and LPG applications. The new breed has a poly coating similar to CSST for identification. Many jurisdictions allow it, and has been required for LPG (propane) for a long time. Didn’t you ever wonder how they “got away with” burying those copper propane lines?