So am i Too Picky or over stepping a home inspection

Just wondering I had a home with a hot water tank installed in a closet of a bedroom, I mention to the buyer that it should not be installed in a bedroom The agent jumped on me saying to stick with a home inspection only a appraiser can determine that , Any way ( small Discussion i said i am not calling it a bedroom ( buyer is not going to use it as bedroom ) The other other one can up was routing of the wires into the panel
My questions to all of you would you write this up Because i know the crap is going to hit the fan on this one
I am getting Few comments about being to picky lately

Why would an appraiser have anything to say about where a hot water heater could be installed? Where’s that water heater going to drain to?

That was another point i already wrote up It will dump into a finished area

You should ALWAYS write up fuel burning appliance when they are located in a room that COULD be used for sleeping - i.e. a potential bedroom.

The appraiser says nothing about the heater location, only whether the room is classified as a bedroom. I think that’s what they were referring to.

If you don’t write up the wires entering into the panel, you shouldn’t be performing home inspections. Those are absolutely wrong - period.

Don’t let anyone tell you your job description, and don’t be afraid of making “unpopular” calls. Just be sure you’re right :wink:

that water heater doesnt even look like it is sitting on the stand correctly

that insulation behind the water heater is installed wrong and is flammable.

Jeff i already wrote it up And thanks . I don’t worry about Realtors either lol just seems they are kinda of getting touchy lately , Could be the Hungry of sales thing. I post this kind of thing just for comments and maybe some of the new guys can catch what happens time to time . My ears starting burning with this guy whispering to the buyer . I later took her out after he ripped me a new one . i told her it was not allowed in a bedroom.

Ditto :smiley:

There was about 18 inches between the tank and insulation. good eye on the stand !

I would have jumped all over the Agent.

I do not care what the system,code ,whether you are right or wrong.

He over stepped his bounds . Period!

He was bigger than me :shock:

So the agent was trying to put you in your place? Perhaps you should have returned the favor. You did the right thing by writing it up. There should never be a time when you allow an agent to dictate what goes in your report. You know it’s wrong because you are the qualified inspector. That agent knows the deal needs to close and what things might prevent the buyer from moving forward.

Either way, as you already know, your obligation is to your client alone.

Gas water heater should not be in bedrooms/closets. I don’t know what kind of appraisers you guys have there but here they don’t even go into the house most of the time unless someone happens to be there when they show up. I have had them do a complete walk around in less time than I did the HVAC inspection. This one dude didn’t even shut the engine off on his vehicle. I know a few good ones who will go out of their way to investigate the property but NEVER have I ever seen one do or say anything about the water heater. The Realtor was full of ****.

I had a appraiser call out mold and a septic system, No mold ( lab test) and no septic system.

TPR piping aint right either

Doug i took the buyer outside and discussed this issue, I did mark it up and 33 over items . I didn’t want to argue because the father of the buyer and the Realtor used to work with each other . on a different job .I guess he is under a lot of pressure in these times , It isn’t worth getting in to much a argument and is unprofessional to do that . I just sent the report and let them hash it out. I think i had one appraiser to come in a look around once . as you say they normally in and out in 15 minutes

Gosh you guys are on top of things lol Please do not come to my house on a inspection

I hear ya Wayne. I told my wife long ago we can’t ever sell the house!! j/k:D

It is off the stand, the TPRV piping is not within 6" of the floor, the wiring is an accident waiting to happen, and no gas appliance should ever be in a bedroom! Other than that…it’s a cherry! :shock:

Ken you are to picky !:wink: