www.getahomeinspected.com is FOR SALE! On EBAY!

I have decided to leave the home inspection industry. I have a GREAT website for another home inspector to use. GET A HOME INSPECTED!


If you are a new inspector, this would give you a great domain name.

If you already have a site, this would give you a great redirect domain.

Will be posted for sale on EBAY TODAY!

This purchase is for the ownership of the domain name only, not the hosting or the site info. I will be removing my personal information such as address, phone, license info etc. today and replacing with place holders. Feel free to review and or ask questions through EBAY.

EBAY KEYWORD SEARCH Home Inspection Website

All processes explained after purchase. Simple and fast!

Bidding starts at ONLY .99 cents for the domain!

How can you stay in business with your prices???

My prices are actually substantially lower than most in my area. A fellow inspector makes 375-500 per inspection. My prices are very reasonable.

I think this is Linas’ point…one has to make money to stay in business.

If someone operating at a loss in business they cannot expect to make it up by increasing their volume.

Best of luck on your sale.

oh… duh. gotcha!

PS. Just for the record. I was not operating at a loss, this is not why I am not going to be doing inspections anymore. I have a physical disability which keeps me from it, now and I own another business. I was not reliant on the money as sole income and saw no reason for my pricing to be higher than others in my market. The friend I spoke of was in a different market.