Have you all seen this, what you say!!www.homeinspectorreferencemanual.com


I would stay away from any site that does not list proper contact info. I can see no contacts indicating who these people are, other then a web administrator contact.

Ray does the name ring a bell?
Web Site Administrator (C. L. [size=5]Bowman[/size])


The only name that comes to mind is John Bowman. The initials indicate C.L. Bowman. None the less I think it imperative that if someone is soliciting or selling a service the least one should do is provide an hard address and telephone number. It is too easy to put a website up with no documenting proof who one is.

As for me I wouldn’t touch it.

I think it is John Bowman. I’ts free!!!:roll:
Here’s my listing.


John Bowman is this you?

Hmmm. My signature has said so for over a year know.

C.L. is a family member.

Where’ve you been Ray? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi Ho. :slight_smile:

Yes Ray it is the John Bowman you know.

John, even if Ray says he would not touch it, I have not had any problems as of yet and have been listed on this for some time know! Thanx

John as per your note from before

Yes. Feel free to get any Realtors, Contractors, etc. that you may work with or know, involved also. The more people link to this site the better the search results.

John B. Is it for all inspectors or just NACHI??? and if for all can it be sent to all?

It’s for all.

NACHI and InterNACHI members are the only ones extended free listings at this point.

Wait till you see the next website we are working on. We have been working on it for close to a year now, just getting it set up.

By the way, if you need a dictionary/glossary that puts all associations glossary’s to shame, or if you need a calculator http://www.homeinspectorreferencemanual.com/index.php?pr=CALCULATORS to refer your clients to, check out the appropriate sections on http://www.homeinspectorreferencemanual.com

How about a central location for CE’s (all NACHI approved). Check out the Training Center.

I have had this site on my site for well over a month now & have sent numrous emails with no reply.
John, Will you add my link please to Ohio 45013, 45014, 45241, 45069, 45056, 45050,



No different than NACHI’s Search features for finding home inspectors. With Five zip code listings you actually get 10. One listing each when they click on the zip code doing a zip code search, and one listing each when potential clients click on the alphabetical city listing.

John B.

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Hi John,
Do the General listings you refer to below include a link back to my website? If yes I will be happy to put your info on my Homepage at [FONT=Arial]http://www.thehome-inspection.com/](http://www.thehome-inspection.com/) & my home Inspection links page at http://www.thehome-inspection.com/homeinspectioncompanieslinks.htm[/FONT]
As you know Link exchanges are one of the best things you can do for SEO.


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