WWWTP (What's Wrong With This Picture) of the Day

The furnace short cycled.

What’s wrong in this picture?


If you are at the exterior, the deadbolt is installed wrong. If you are at the interior, the door knob is installed wrong.


Correct. Exterior picture. Requires a key to exit, no key to enter :slight_smile:

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Wow, my shiny object syndrome was on the backset for the handle. I install a lot of door knobs in my handyman biz and the normal offsets are 2 3/8" or 2 3/4". Is there an illusion I’m not catching or is that around 4"-5" backset? Did that handle actually operate the latch/tongue?


Yes. And I have NO idea where they found the latch that was that long, as it does not look nearly the age of the building so must have been replaced.

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Picture quiz: what’s not quite right in this picture?

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Banana peel hazard?


Banana peel, vent stack pipe close to the hip, plywood axis,


It was the peel that made me take the photo. Just the thing for a roof edge 35 feet from the sidewalk.

The vent stack’s been in that location since the building was built 114 years ago, the roof crew knows: just going to work around it apparently.

What are you seeing with the plywood axis?


Those handrails don’t look graspable.

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Picture Quiz Time: What’s wrong in this picture?
Find the defect.
I’ll return to this topic later to say what I reported.

Looks like it’s ducted but the damper didn’t get installed.

Bingo. The damper is in the shipping storage position. The hood came factory set up for re-circulation, but switchable to venting.

But hey, tape solves the problem, right?
Maybe the instructions needed to come in English, Spanish, and Braille. Or maybe a picture guide, for those who don’t read at all.

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Picture quiz: narrate why this pipe found in an apartment complex is not right:

Use of combustible foam as the only separation between units. This was a building I am on contract to inspect annually. Last year I called out an open annual space between units, and called out the lack of a 1 hour fire rating. The contractor just grabbed a great can of stuff and called it good. Now they get to dig it back out.

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Ok Guys I could use a little clarification I got a missing cable restraint and a double tap… Did I miss anything ?..and yes this is a real inspection photo from this week.


Be sure you checked the grouting of the rock wall foundation :slight_smile:

What’s that thing hanging down, with all the red pigtails connecting to it?
Got a higher resolution photo?

Did you check to see if that valve was functional? :grinning: