WWWTP (What's Wrong With This Picture) of the Day

Ok, a new thread for this. Post a picture of something you’ve found. Return after a few days to describe what it was.

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WWWTP #1 – The Typical Aluminum Track Window of the Era

Nail in a window sash


Worn nylon sliding window.
A: Degraded weather stripping.
B: Protruding corroded fastener.
C: Debris in the lower sliding window channel.

It’s too close

Too close in what way? Note this style of aluminum window is designed with two sliding panes that can slide past each other. Pictured above is the center of the windows where the two panes meet. Typical 60’s 70’s era low end:

The nail was put there by the home owner preventing the sliding panel to fully open allowing for egress?

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From the OP: The two sides are symmetrical, so the presence or absence of the nail does not affect the net clear area for egress (but I suppose it could confuse someone trying to escape, as only one side will be fixed in place).

There’s another defect here nobody has quite hit on.

The close-up photo makes it difficult to determine the issue you’re concerned with, at least in my opinion

Supposed to be a fastener in the hole?

Where is the second window pane? Open or closed, you should be able to see it.

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Good question, or is it drainage? Alarm?

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Looks like the aluminum frame may be fairly damaged as well. Is that a big crack in the corner?


Correct @bcawhern1 . The second window pane was lifted out, and the corresponding nylon track was lifted out, prior to the photo. It’s otherwise completely typical.

Something about this particular window (one of a set of four) led to suspicion. There are circumstances where I remove this sort of window to check for a certain flaw, but this particular situation was singular, and did not involve the flaw I first suspected.

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Is it installed backwards? It appears the weep holes are on the interior and the latch is on the the exterior. Pictures lack sufficient detail to make determination

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Your pic is no different than my pic asking you what is the defect in this pic?

Oh, Well. maybe I will come back in a bit and post another pic, I don’t know maybe.

So, what do you think it is? Differential Settlement, shrinkage, frost heaving, or maybe someone ran into it with a truck, who to hell knows?

OK, Here you go, some dumb ass backed a boom truck into the side of the building.


Ok, I have one. Interior basement photo of an exterior door.
This may be considered an “Opinion piece”.


Probably not what you are looking for but, the hinges are not fastened into the framing. When you open the door, the knob side of the door drops down, and then when closing the door, you have to lift the door to close it.

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The door opened, closed and latched just fine. It was not racked or loose. :+1:

O, I see, there is a key in the deadbolt from the inside? but I don’t see how the door does not drop when you open it, but I can’t see the top hinge.