Y'all gotta watch this NACHI.TV episode with Joe Tedesco.


First off, Paige is a total cutie! Was she as cute in person Joe???

Second, I did watch the whole video.
One thing stood out. When Nick was asking about the white wire on a breaker the shot cut away. Before that Joe repeatedy stated a white wire would not be on a breaker. This is news to me. Using a “2-wire” cable for a straight 240v circuit has most definitely been allowed by code for many years. It’s just the white wire must be re-identified. Joe makes it seem that a white simply cannot be used.
Just to also note, this re-marking requirement was not even in place before the 1999 NEC.
So seeing a white wire on breaker is NOT an automatic “defect”.

I saw some of my own PhotoBucket album photos in the ‘highlights’ video.

When do I get my royalties? :mrgreen:

I can’t even watch some more of my own photos without paying money. I want to see what Joe and Nick do with the water bong.

I have a question about what was said at this part of the show

As I believe that the IAEI says that this installation would be correct and even have a picture that looks just like the one in the flim clip.

Did I miss understand just what was being said in that flim clip?

The NEC removed the word “made” so the rod will no longer be called a “made electrode” that’s what I said, and the clamp is correct. The picture you show is the same, and after the grade is completed the rod will be flush with the grade, or buried.

In Regards of the extension cord to the copy machine.
I assume or I missed it but Believe you were getting at this as permanent use of a temp conductor.
If that is what this was about , how do you determine temporary from permanent.

Mike, I thought the same thing until I went back and re-watched that part. Joe does definitely say that the clamp** is** installed correctly.

Hey Joe T.

Is that all the problems you could find in that GE panel on the wall? hahahahaha!

I built that panel and know it has over 20 issues



I found them, and more too, the video here is only a summary of the 3 videos.

I really would like to get into an old panel like those we see on the board here and spend time discussing the problems.

I will probably do one and post it on YouTube.

Episode 27 is just a highlight of the almost 70 minutes of inspection video at http://www.nachi.tv/ppv. In the video, Joe inspects five electrical panels.

Yes he sure does, sorry Joe.


I watched all three videos. They were great! I learned a lot of good info…Thanks.

I liked the part when Nick told his story about why and how he cut through a wall with a saw to make a doorway between his office spaces.

Hard to believe that 6 years has passed by! :smiley:

Who has these three videos? Sure would like to see them again. :slight_smile:

I only have a sample video of the three videos mentioned here.

We sure had a good time back then!


Account Suspended Due to Excessive Complaints

Who are you?

I know Joe through emcweb – that site has great photos and videos of various NEC violations, very educational.

Now I remember. It’s the same **Joseph Tedesco **that got kicked out of INachi, more than once, and “permanently” banned from this message board.

Not permanently …http://www.nachi.org/forum/f19/yall-gotta-watch-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-tv-home-inspection-videos-episode-joe-tedesco-26517/#post1137268

Welcome back Joe…