Old electrical defect from over 20 years ago!

Here’s an interesting picture that shows where someone was not aware of the hazards involved!

I wonder if this was ever inspected?

Who says that this is OK and it should not be considered as a defect? :roll:

Grounds are Ok to be multi lugged, neutrals (white wires) are not. One wire one lug.


And yet another new thread on this subject…:roll:

Peter who?

Yes, and more coming! This was found in Richmond, Virginia.

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I see this quite a bit with the neutrals. It has to be common practice by electricians because 99 percent of the panels I see have been done by licenced electricians. They also seem to like double tapping too. These electrician as I mentioned are licenced and audited periodically by Electrical Safety Authority.


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("PS: Invited guests should respect the members here! ")

I guess you feel the need to bring up the same subject regularly so home inspectors doubly make sure to not miss the grounds .
Thanks for your concerns.


Is this OK in Canada? and as far you comments Roy, Good Morning! have anything technical to add here, are we ready to discuss this again, if so let’s hear what you have to say and we will all have fun!

I have more questions for home inspectors and I am not disrespecting anyone!

Well, if you follow RR’s three BOP theory then Joe is right on track.

Joe, thanks for all the positive info you post to this board…now let me get this straight, the nuetral is the white wire, right???:mrgreen:

Been a defect for many years in the USA!

The ESA inspectors up here seem to grant latitude in the interpretation of the Electrical Safety Code by licenced electricians who are preapproved by the Electrical Safety Authority.

So the rules seem to be flexible as long as the inspector thinks it safe.

I recall its not suppose to be done this way up here, but it’s being done by electricians, not all, but some. That includes new housing.

Yes, white and sometimes gray, or natural gray, and now also OK with 3 white stripes running along the entire length, but for the work you do white is OK.

Sometime the really old wires of the Rubber Insulated types looses its color.

Neutrals are coverd in many really old books dating back to the early 1900’s

Exactly and Like you Raymond I will write it up every time I find it .
Does it get repaired Most like not in all cases but it could be serious.


I only report double taps on the breakers and not the neutrals. Maybe thats wrong I don’t know. What is actually wrong with the neutrals being multi tapped. Arching? Hot spots, looseness?

No the big concern is if the double neutrals are from breakers one on A phase 10 amp ~ load and one on B phase 2 amp~ load.
If a person comes along to remove a wire and pulls out the wrong neutral and it is one of a twin tap and they both come out.
You now could have a big decrease voltage on the A phase circuit and a big increase voltage on the B phase circuit…
This of course can lead to computer or who knows what being destroyed .
The same thing can happen if some one pig tails two neutrals together in the panel from separate phases .