I decided to go with Yelp. Cost 600.00 a month I stay with them for two months I received no calls no leads. To cancel you have a 700.00 cancellation fee So I spent 1900.00 for nothing. When Yelp calls HANG UP

You obviously did not read the message board when doing your research. You did research, right?

I question other inspectors, and got mixed reviews. Sales dropped off in September I went into panic mode

I find that most calls I get through Yelp are a PIA. I’ve had a few inspections through them, but most are bottom feeders. As stated, a simple search may have avoided this mess. If you are really persistent, you can get their salespeople to stop calling.


My most frequently received Yelp message:

“How much do you charge for a home inspection?”

That’s it. No other information provided. 1st time homebuyers fresh out of school.

Now you need to get away from Home Adviser Ed.

Block their number