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Hello gentlemen,
So can anyone tell me anything about Home Advisor…good or bad? I have been approached by them twice. They tell me that they can can me working a full schedule, every week. Any truth to that? Or is this all smoke and mirrors. I appreciate your input. Thanks

do a Google search with this phrase “home advisor nachi.org”. You’ll find out everthing you need to know.

Pullin’ my hair out! Dang!

easy for you here

Annoying as crap !!! Once they get your name and number they just keep calling. Had one today - “I’m looking for a home inspector in your area and wanted to know if I was available later this week and next week. I said yes, and asked if they needed to schedule an appointment and next thing I know - this is Chris from Home Advisor - ya ya ya and for only this amount I can refer inspections to you…” RIP OFF !!!

Wish all Home Inspectors would tell them to SHOVE IT !!! maybe then they would stop calling.

I always tell then that they don’t have a good reputation among home inspectors and they should find a better job. Of course the continue so I ask them for a free trial and then they’ll say do you give free home inspections? I say I’ll give them one for free all they have to do is pay my travel expenses. Usually, I have to hang up on them.

Call Blocker !!!

It has been working for me but it sounds like I am the only one? Sometimes you need to spend money to make money and some people have a hard time figuring that out. I do not book everyone thats for sure.

If you want to talk pm me or give me a call sometime.

I agree with kenneth Just run